Ideas of Company Action and Direction



We shall maintain the strong “CONFIDENCE” with our Business Partners while directing to stick to “safety”, to enhance our technical capability, to sharpen our competitiveness and to strengthen our financial base.
Then we shall manage the Company that it always creates “A Sense of Security” to our Business Partners and “Hopes” to the employees. “Speedy and Accurate” is the main base of our management and enhance the “Satisfaction” of all interested parties.

=(株)カサタニ社長 笠谷昌宏=

Shareholder’s Commitment
The Shareholder, Kasatani Corp., shall fully and strongly commit themselves to support KAT technically and financially at any time and maintain the operation continuity of KAT on base of a long term business partnership with the customers
<M. Kasatani, President, Kasatani Corp>

  • Action & Direction
  • Strong Mutual Confidence among Business
  • Challenge for Anything
  • Make Dreams Come True
  • Smiling Eyes
  • Quick Reporting and Action
  • Compliance & Morality
  • Active & Vivid Communication
  • Zero Accident
  • 活動規範および方向性
  • 取引先相互の強い信頼関係の維持
  • 常に挑戦する意志と行動
  • 夢を持ち、それの実現
  • 暖かい眼差
  • 迅速報告と対応
  • 道義を礎とするコンプライアンス
  • 活気あるコミュニケション
  • 災害ゼロ
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